Swallows #2


We’re still tracking our visitors, who have yet to leave on their annual migration (see Swallow Watch post).

Click on the image below which will bring you the the Britannica page on Swallows and answer the following questions.

Screenshot (2)


1 On what day annually do swallows traditionally depart the San Juan Capistrano Mission in California?

2 How do swallows feed on small insects?

3 Approximately how many species of swallows are there?

4 What colour is the common swallow?

Click on this link to go to Birdwatch Ireland’s website to answer the remaining questions

5 What is the Irish name for a swallow?

6 Where do swallows spend their winter?

7 Describe a swallow’s nest

8 Where do large flocks of swallows gather prior to migration?

Early finishers – a) Find a place in Ireland with swallow in its name and b) before people understood migration, where did they believe swallows spent the winter?

Use this link to help you http://www.rte.ie/tv/wildjourneys/swallow.html

One final fun fact:

Swallows take 10 weeks to complete their migration South but in Spring this same journey is completed in 5 weeks


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