An Introduction to the Junior Entrepreneur Programme


There are loads of really worthwhile programmes for schools out there, we’d love to do them all but we simply can’t! Most recently, we participated in the European Blue Star Programme, earning an Eircom Junior Spiders nomination along the way. (See our Craggagh Blue Star blog here.)

This year, we will participate in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme for the first time. This programme aims to introduce the children at the senior end of the school to “the joy of entrepreneurship and a time in their lives when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities….developing a number of skills including literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, IT, research skills, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, team-building and collaboration skills”.

We will begin the project in earnest after Hallowe’en, following a step by step programme, culminating in a “School Showcase”, where our children will have the opportunity to share their ideas with their peers from around the county.

We will be working with local business CMS in Kiltimagh throughout the project.

We’re really looking forward to it!

Below is a video introducing the JEP


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