How about rejoining the UK? #debate #indyref

How about rejoining the UK?


Ok, picture the scene: Scotland has left the UK and guess what? There’s a vacancy!

Mr Cameron & HRH Elizabeth II tap us in the shoulder and say

“Hey Ireland! How about it?”

We have the language, we understand the currency, many of us have a fair bit of British blood flowing through our veins. We’re a perfect fit really…..aren’t we?

Right then, it’s fictional referendum time!

Have your say:

Here’s some of our pros and cons from our class discussion



  • Free delivery from
  • Sterling better than Euro
  • Everything is cheaper e.g. New Look
  • We can vote for X Factor etc.
  • Better sports e.g. Team GB
  • Prefer to be “ruled” by London than Berlin!
  • Adjusting to currency change-over
  • Took us 800 years to get independence
  • New passports
  • We’d be called “British”
  • We don’t want a queen!
  • Car licence plates would have to change
  • Prefer to have our own Olympic team

We’ll publish our results later, we don’t expect this to be an all-nighter!


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