“Houston, we’ve had a problem!”

Jack Devaney, formally of The Grumman Aerospace Corporation visited us to discuss his involvement on the Apollo 13 Lunar Module which eventually acted as a sort of lifeboat to the Astronauts during their ill-fated mission to the moon.



Jack is a brother to our long standing friend Jim Devaney who has visited us several times now with his colleague Guary. On their most recent visit, they were accompanied by Jack and another brother, Bill.

Jack gave a wonderful talk to the pupils about the Apollo 13 mission and the lifesaving role of the Lunar Module, which he helped to build. We were given a great insight into the rationale behind the USA’s space programme, the politics of landing on the moon and the personalities involved. Jack’s first hand account of this historic event was fascinating and gave us details and facts that you won’t hear from NASA, read about on Wikipedia or see in the movie!

During the Q&A we also discussed the possibility of sending a manned mission to Mars!

Jack Devaney talking to 5th & 6th class, Craggagh NS
Jack Devaney talking to 5th & 6th class, Craggagh NS

Following our chat with Jack, we watched this video of the great Cmdr Chris Hadfield:



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