Parts of a Circle

The Circle

The Circle

Facts about the circle:

  1. It’s round
  2. It’s a shape
  3. It’s symmetrical
  4. It’s 360 degrees
  5. The outside of a circle (perimeter) is called the circumference
  6. It is 2D
  7. It has no corners
  8. It always has a centre point
  9. It has no angles
  10. The diameter is always double the radius
  11. The radius is always half the diameter
  12. It can be any size
  13. A circle has two faces
  14. It can roll
  15. Half a circle is called a semi-circle
  16. A circle is part of the following 3D shapes: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone
  17. A quarter of a circle is called a quadrant
  18. You can measure the circumference with a string
  19. A piece of the circumference is called an arc
  20. The length of the circumference is the diameter multiplied by Pi (3.14)
  21. A diameter is a straight line going straight through the centre point that touches the circumference twice
  22. A radius is a straight line from the centre point to the circumference
  23. A cord is a straight line that goes from one point of the circumference to another without touching the centre point
  24. A sector is a wedge of the circle that touches the centre point, has 2 radii and an arc
  25. All its 3D shapes can roll

Can you add any more facts about the circle? Post a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Parts of a Circle

  1. Here’s an other fact on the circle: All points on the edge of the circle are the same distance to the centre point.

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