Maths Map Trail for #mathsweek13

Maths Map Trail

Use Scoilnet Maps measuring tool to answer the following questions:

Which is larger, the area of Craggagh NS football pitch multiplied by 4 or the area of Croke Park pitch?

How many laps of the school building is equal to the distance between the school and McDonnell’s Shop?

How many metres are there between Craggagh NS and the gates of Ballinamore House?

Which is nearer to the school, Balla Post Office or Kiltimagh Garda Station? By how much?

As the crow flies, how many kilometres is it from Caggagh to the Spire on O’Connell St, Dublin.

If that crow flew at an average speed of 100km/h how long would a return journey to the spire take?

How many times would Craggagh Community Centre fit inside Tesco Castlebar?

Guess to the nearest KG the weight of all the bags in our clothes collection


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