Distance Maths Trail (Maths Week 2013)


For this Maths Trail, you will need the following:

  • iPad/Laptop
  • Trundle wheel
  • Measuring tape/ruler/metre stick
  • Pencil & paper

You will need to access the following websites:

Your task – complete this trail

  1. How high is the highest point on Sliabh Cairn? (call this answer “X”)
  2. If you travelled that same distance (Xm) from the school along the road to Kiltimagh, where would you reach?
  3. How many laps of the school building are equal to X?
  4. If all the children in 5th an 6th class lay on the ground in a straight line, how long would that line be? (call this answer “Y”)
  5. How much longer than Y is X
  6. Express Y as a fraction of X
  7. Express Y as a percentage of X

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